© XAVIER RIBAS - Nitrate_Twenty-Eight Points (2014) 2 Pigment prints on Harman Baryta paper 110 x 138 cm. Ed of 3+1ap


Twenty-eight Points (diptych). Installation MACBA [Installation photograph: Marc Roig]



Image: Photograph of a prospective excavation taken in one of the rooms of the School of Santa María in Iquique a few weeks before its demolition in January 2011. Visible inside the excavation are the remains of a 19th century building, which must have been in place when more than three hundred nitrate workers were killed by the Chilean army in the School of Santa María on the 21st of December 1907.

Text: Transcript of a list of twenty-eight needs and demands presented in Iquique to the Minister of the Interior by a delegation of nitrate workers in 1904. This list is perhaps the most accurate, first-hand description of the living and working conditions of the nitrate workers in the oficinas of the Atacama desert. Transcribed from: Manuel Salas Lavaqui, Comisión Consultiva del Norte, Santiago 1908, páginas 566-582.





Tewnty-eight Points [diptych]




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